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About Us!


Cosmic Holistic Studies is a non-profit Holistic Educational center located in Chennai, India. Cosmic Holistic Studies offers classes to over 10,000 people every year; all over the World. Cosmic Holistic Studies stated mission is to "provide hope and healing for individuals and society through innovative Holistic Educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit". Cosmic Holistic Studies’ workshops, conferences and retreats aim to create dialogues on the integration of modern medicine and natural healing; connect science, spirituality, and creativity; and build the groundwork for the new generations. All Holistic Courses are accredited Certified Courses. In addition to courses, we also offer a wide array of holistic services and special events.


The Spiritual mission of Cosmic Holistic Studies is:

• To unify all Spiritual teachers, Spiritual paths, Spiritual texts, gurus, yogis, healers, Spiritual leaders, Counsellors, philosophies and psychologies, Light, Love and Power Workers around the world.
• To provide a balanced and integrated training through the mastery, integration and balance of the Spiritual, psychological and physical level.
• To help all inspired Souls achieve their levels of initiation and to channel their evolved consciousness into Planetary Spiritual Leadership.
• To help all Love, Light and Power Workers around the world realize themselves as a vital part on Earth and to think, feel, speak, and act accordingly.
• To provide a place on the world wide web (
• To provide a global unifying platform who work with the evolution of the consciousness of humanity.
• To provide the Integrated Consciousness Training for the politicians, educators, businessmen and women, artists, scientists, ministers and society workers of tomorrow (today), so they may have the God attuned consciousness to serve the evolution of humanity.
• To eradicate fear (=False Evidence Appearing Real) through the proper practice of Spiritual psychology.
• To launch and spearhead a Revolution and Evolution of Consciousness and Spiritual Renaissance.


The basic vision of Cosmic Holistic Studies is to properly fulfill its mission and purpose.
• The greater vision of the Cosmic Holistic Studies involves the creation of a physical platform and building to provide a space and proper atmosphere for students around the world to work on the development and refinement of their consciousness in an integrated balanced way!
• The greater vision of the Cosmic Holistic Studies as well involves the establishment of its own publishing company to further enhance the global spreading of this work around the world in all major languages.
• The positive fulfilment of the mission and vision, to a great extent, depends on the generosity of the global Spiritual community, as we will need the financial means to realize said mission and vision.
• The Cosmic Holistic Studies aims to unite the love, the wisdom and the power of all God-inspired Souls around the world to work together, soul to soul, heart to heart, and mind to mind, to realize the purpose of life, which is to make real in our collective reality that we are all extensions of the consciousness of God!

Cosmic Holistic Studies Affiliates

If you would like to become an affiliate, please contact us at
PLEASE NOTE: Cosmic Holistic Studies does not take any responsibility for issues which may arise from any other teachings, healing modalities or spiritual services which any of our affiliates may offer as individuals.

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